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Grandpa's Reading Circle

Family Engagement

At Auntie Tadda's playhouse we believe families and caregivers need to have consistent communication to have happy heathy children, what happens at home can affect what happens at childcare and what happens at childcare can affect what happens at home. Each family brings its own diversity to the facility. We want to find ways to share these diversities and help create a supportive community.

How We Communicate

  1. A communication log will be kept in each child's cubby to log events that the teachers or the parents need to know.
  2. Games and pot luck every second Saturday of the month at 6:00pm please bring a dish to share and a board or card game you want to play.
  3. Picnic in the park, once a quarter we will meet a at a park to play planned games and activities

Watch announcements on our family info board!